Business Process Management

Increase the company’s performance

This is the goal of our experts, to actively transform your digital organization. Our experts intervene on a precise part of the digital transformation: the processes of your company.

Establishment of a model :

Our teams work interactively to establish a model of your processes in association with the subject matter experts in your business. They implement a collaborative method to allow you to design your job processes, matching them to your strategic projects: redesign IS, business risk management, Lean Office and transformation. The generated processes are in accordance with market tools and meet the requirements of BPMN standards.

Optimisation :

After having created a model of the existing processes, our teams implement optimisation methods such as Lean Six Sigma so as to improve these processes in accordance with our experts. Our teams are trained to help you with your future projects: formal methods and common sense are an efficient mix.

Steering committee :

A process is never permanently optimized. It develops gradually according to its operation in your company. That’s why our teams implement this notion of steering. They accompany you over a given period of time and assist you in the evolution of your processes in accordance with a new strategy, regulatory changes or how to reach general improvement. To facilitate this process, our teams offer the set up of dashboards to manage your performance.

Automatization :

Very often alluded to but rarely implemented, the automatization of your processes is an efficient activity but nonetheless very complex. The best strategy is an open exchange with our teams. This is done to understand if the automatization is possible in all departments of your business. Then, in accordance with our experts, an action plan is then implemented over time.