Our history

Key dates

In 2015 INSYNIUM naturally became a consulting firm in strategies and organization with 2 solutions :

  • Big data and Business Intelligence approach, The processes approach (Business Process Management: BPM).
Our consultants work on the enhancement of your decision-making, cost cutting and the improvement of our products and services offer.

From 2012, the technologies linked to the emergence of BIG DATA revolution, enabled us to refine our offer because:

  • We analyse a large volume of data (notions of volume)
  • We analyse data in real-time (notions of velocity)
  • We analyse miscellaneous data organised or not (notions of variety)
2012 is also the year of internalisation, marked by the opening of an agency based in Mauritius, with 2 goals:

  • Propose an offer to the domestic market;
  • Identify representatives and get closer to Southern and Eastern African markets.

INSYNIUM is a consulting firm specialized in information systems management. We are developing an offer of timeshare “information systems manager”

Our consultants are directly working with the General Managers in order to implement their strategy. If this strategy is not formalised, they highly contribute to its development.

After several projects, we can observe the big business benefits created by the work related in data and processes.

We have helped a lot of companies in their data analysis and have helped them in building return on investment according to new “Business Model”.

We intervene in different areas such as services, finance, property business, health and industry.

The company

INSYNIUM was created in 2007 based on a simple idea: the Information System (INformation SYstem) is not only a cost centre but also a profit centre. It has to actively contribute to the company growth.

INSYNIUM deeply believes a certainty enriched by the experience of its creator, Frédéric WAEBER (former manager of Airbus group in the Product Lifecycle Management PLM field): data and company processes are treasures to regularly exploit and analyse. They really add value and improve the company’s performance.