Our business Intelligence offer

Our business Intelligence offer

A technological breakthrough shows the emergence of new services to carefully satisfy consumer’s needs. Companies logically tend to go for this improvement and evolution.  It is a daunting task that requires being aware of the new tendencies and anticipating the needs. That is why companies need specialized tools offering advanced analytical capabilities to measure the return of their investments, steer their digital strategy, and identify new optimization leverages…

Insynium is here to help you throughout your Big Data project in order to:

1. Launch your BIG DATA project: Where to start?

Where should you set priorities?

A Business Intelligence project is complex as it affects the whole organization of your company.

As a consequence, you need to have both a global insight and medium term and a sectoral approach and short term.

There is no need to search for data in every sense, you need to know what you need to analyse and the goal.

For instance, depending what’s at stake, the project can rather be turned toward HR or finance, then commercial and marketing and production to finish with.


2. Formalize your objectives and your performance indicators

In order to precisely answer the question “why doing it”

Our consultants help you through brainstorming sessions to define and formalize your strategic and operational objectives.

Our consultants also identify during this phase the nature of necessary data and will evaluate their quality and relevance.


3. The set up

How can we do it? To begin, it is important to start small

Our consultants quickly implement an insight solution and an optimized storage of your data with two precise goals:

  • Allow you to begin your data exploitation
  • Allow us to confirm the quality and accessibility of your data


4.Establish hardware and software architecture required for your project

Our consultants conceive and implement your BI environment dedicated and optimized for mass analytics:

  • “A data lake” that receive all the necessary data without a priori and for archiving purposes;
  • Automation of the feed and transfer processes, “data mining” actions;
  • Business datamarts for an optimized return of dashboard


5. Be a support for the implementation of your project

Our consultants steer the change with your customers and ensure a regular follow-up.

Our consultants implement a skill transfer process if needed.


6. Work on the continuous improvement of the benefits obtained

Our consultants are a support in the long term